Paintings by Brax


Title: An Unkindly May
Each print is double mounted, image plus poem.
Image Size: 6'' x 4''
Signed Print Issue 1/10
Price: £40
For Sale


An Unkindly May

A shepherd stands by a gate in a white smock-frock:
He holds the gate ajar intently counting his flock.
The sour Spring wind is blurting boisterous-wise
And bears on it dirty clouds across the skies;
Plantation timbers creek like rusty cranes,
And pigeons and rooks, dishevelled by late rains,
Are like giant vultures, sodden and unkempt,
And song birds do not end what they attempt.
The buds have tried to open but quite failing
Have pinched themselves together in their quailing.
The sun frowns whitely in eye trying flaps
Through passing cloud-holes, mimicking audible taps.
"Nature, you're not commendable today!"
I think "Better to-morrow!" she seems to say.
That shepherd still stands in that white smock-frock,
Unnoting all things save the counting his flock.


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